where to stay in Thailand

Where to stay in Thailand? Thailand is one in all the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. The country has it all – large metropolitan cities, gorgeous beaches, and expansive national parks. 

Travelers of each variety arrive in Thailand every year; it’s a country that caters to one and everyone. Thailand may be a beacon of strength in terms of international tourism. Many have tried to duplicate their success and really few have achieved it. 

From strange infrastructure to the kindest and genuine welcome any traveler could invite, everyone leaves Thailand with a smile. 

Thailand is considered to be the Land of Smiles and with good reason. The local people are, generally, as happy and hospitable as will be. Supply travelers are conscientious and respectful, Thailand can easily become a home far away from home.

Let’s explore where to stay in Thailand.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in bangkok

Deciding where to stay in Bangkok, quite in many other cities, can really make or break your trip. Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is home to quite 9.5 million people. If you check out a map of Bangkok you’ll be quite overwhelmed trying to work out where to stay.

If this can be your first time in Bangkok you wish to choose a location that’s central and suits your travel style. Bangkok could be a city that never sleeps and is filled with lights, sounds, smells, and great food.

where to stay in Chiang Mai

where to stay in chiang mai

Are you planning a visit to Chiang Mai? That’s an excellent choice! Located in Northern Thailand and being the second biggest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai has such a lot to supply – from temples, delicious street food, cozy cafes, a wonderful night market, and more. By the way, it’s also called the cultural capital of the country, did you recognize that?

Chiang Mai may be a land of cloudy mountains and colorful hill tribes, a playground for seasoned travelers, a paradise for shoppers, and a delight for adventurers. On a visit to Chiang Mai, the curious traveler can expand their horizons with Thai massage and cooking courses. Others are going to be taken aback by the variability of handicrafts and antiques. 

The wild child will find a lot of lively nightlife, and also the epicure can enjoy wonderful cuisine.

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where to stay in Thailand (Phuket)


Phuket, the foremost infamously famous party island in Thailand, is additionally the largest within the country and is thought for its mind-boggling nightlife, crowded (and some not-so-crowded) but pristine white-sand beaches, lush greenery and wildlife, and powerful Chinese-influenced culture.

Located in Southern Thailand and surrounded by the all-encompassing Andaman Sea, Phuket was once a significant trade route between India and China. While the Chinese influence can still be witnessed within the many Chinese-style shrines and restaurants scattered around the island, Phuket has long ago developed from being a trade route to a significant tourism boom to the country. 

Visitors from everywhere the globe flock here to enjoy the after-dark atmosphere of Bangla Road and to require a ship trip to James Bond Island.

Every season may be a good season to go to Phuket, and thus, it’s always swarmed with tourists – locals and westerners alike.

where to stay in Ayutthaya

where to stay in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is an ancient capital city that’s located within the Central Plains of Thailand, just 90 minutes north of Bangkok. Its location makes it an excellent trip for first-time travelers to Thailand; however, for historical fans, it should just be the most effective destination within the region. 

From housing Wat Mah that to the Royal Palace, this is often an unbelievable trip for any fan of Thailand history. Also available are some incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites, so grab your passport and explore this area! 

Only a brief trip north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya lies within the valley of the Phraya River. Sometimes called the “Venice of the East”, the previous capital was largely destroyed in 1767 by the Burmese army. 

Ayutthaya is pretty consistently hot all year round and hovers around the early thirties, except for the most heat and also the least rain, look to go to between November and March.

Where to stay in Krabi

Where To Stay In Krabi ​

Krabi may be a coastal province located within the southwest of Thailand, some 800km by road from the capital, Bangkok. it’s bounded by Phang Nga province to the north, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani to the east, and Trang to the south. To the west lies the Andaman Sea.

Contrary to popular belief, and also the frequent appearance of “Krabi Island” in Google search terms, Krabi isn’t an island, though there are lots of islands in Krabi. 

Its white-sand beaches, rugged cliffs, and wild mangrove forests are well worth the trip obviously.

However, the province is large and counts over 130 islands. As a consequence, deciding where to stay in Krabi may be a frightening task.

where to stay in Mae Hong Son

where to stay in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son may be a charming town nestled within the mountains near to the Myanmar border. The town is found on a picturesque lake where you’ll watch locals practice tai chi and also the mist lingers within the morning. 

Mae Hong Son is fairly small, however, it still contains a good collection of exciting things to check and do.

where to stay in Koh Phangan

where to stay in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is multi-layered. Shot to fame for being the inspiration to the Alex Garland novel “The Beach”, although since then parts are transformed into hedonistic full-moon party mode, there’s more to the current dazzling island than merely trance and beach parties. 

Miles of gorgeous coastline provides beach fan with idyllic stretches of sand to laze upon and crystal blue seas to swim in. Add into that superior diving term within the north, a jungle interior, waterfalls, and charming villages, and you’ll soon discover a well-rounded image of what Koh Phangan is all about.

There are many enticing areas to stay on Koh Phangan which will appeal to all or any tastes. For all-night ravers, sunbathers, and water sports the most effective places to stay are HaadRin, Baan Tai, and Baan Kai, a thriving hot spot of sun worshippers, jet skiers, and party-goers. A utopia of secluded beaches and coral reefs on the northwest of the island make Srithanu, Haad Chao Phao, and Haad Yao the most effective places to stay for people who wish to unwind, relax and admire nature.

where to stay in Kanchanaburi

where to stay in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi may be a reprieve from the busy city life. Surrounded by mountains and water, it’s an outside lover’s paradise. Famed for its proximity to several beautiful national parks and also the dark history of the Bridge on the River Kwai, you’ll have plenty to stay you occupied. 

Kanchanaburi contains a number of famous WWII sites that function sobering reminders of the horrors of the war within the setting of the death railway. The province also has many historic museums, Khmer temples, and lush hilly terrains with nature-filled national parks and lots of natural wonders to explore. 

Kids can swim during a waterfall, explore caves within the jungle, and kayak on the key waterways of the Kwai Yai and Kwai Noi.

Where to stay in Sukhothai

where to stay in Sukhothai

A wide range of accommodation is found in both New Sukhothai and Old Sukhothai which district you select depends on the type of scene that bests suits your tastes. 

Especially in New Sukhothai, stiff competition has resulted in a number of the best-value budget digs found anywhere in Thailand. You’ll also find a growing number of more luxurious options, particularly in Old Sukhothai.

where to stay in Koh Samui

where to stay in Koh Samui

Koh Samui may be a fairly big island (at its widest point, it measures around 25km from side to side), making it important to decide on a beach that matches your tastes to avert having to travel around the island to enjoy your stay.

The beaches on Koh Samui range from heavily developed to almost perfectly quiet, with an honest mixture of options in between. Some beaches have a good selection of budget options, while others are more focused on high-end luxury accommodation.

where to stay in Nakhon Ratchasima

where to stay in Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakhon Ratchasima is the largest city and is the transportation, commercial, financial, and governmental center of northeastern Thailand. a significant railway connects the city to Bangkok, and also the city is additionally linked to Bangkok and other Thai cities by air and highway. A network of roads stretches to each a part of the region from the city, which may be a busy commercial center and a collecting point for rice and livestock. 

Nakhon Ratchasima grew rapidly during the 1960s and ’70s with the buildup of its Royal Thai Air Force Base, from which American planes operated during the Vietnam War. The city’s educational facilities include the Northeastern Technical Institute. Silk is produced in nearby villages. Rice, corn (maize), and tobacco are grown within the surrounding area, much of which is dedicated to raising cattle and pigs.

where to stay in Pattaya

where to stay in Pattaya

Being a really popular destination, Pattaya Beach features a very large selection of hotels and resorts, covering a broad range of budgets and designs. From five-star luxury and a way of isolation within the busy city to well-placed affordable guesthouses, there’s something for you. 

Pattaya City itself is simply as varied and, while it’s best known for its nightlife, it also offers a good selection of family attractions, excellent restaurants in any price range, and even some excellent shopping opportunities.

So much choice is pretty overwhelming to those who haven’t visited Pattaya before, which is why we’ve personally selected our own favorite places to stay. 

Each provides a decent location, great facilities, and, perhaps most significantly of all, a comfortable and restful stay, ensuring that you just have all the energy you wish to take on such a vibrant place as Pattaya.

where to stay in Similan islands

where to stay in Similan islands

The Similan Islands lie 90 minutes by speedboat off the coast of Phang-Nga or eight or more hours by slow boat from Phuket. the area was declared a marine national park in 1982 and consequently remains largely undeveloped. Derived from the Malay term Sembilan, meaning ‘nine’, Similan refers to the nine main islands within the group.

The waters surrounding the Similans are teeming with tropical fish, colorful coral, and offer exceptional underwater visibility. As a result, diving is mostly considered to be the most effective within the region and compares favorably with a number of the most effective in the world.

where to stay in Chiang Rai

where to stay in Chiang Rai

Set within the very northernmost a part of Thailand, Chiang Rai may be a city that runs deep with art, culture, and history. Temples and historic monuments teem in this place, with several that are world-renowned – like the White Temple, or Wat Rong Khun. With all this and more to expect during this city, bordered by winding rivers and really near to the boundaries of neighboring countries Laos and Myanmar, Chiang Rai may be a fascinating, relaxing place to go to.

Nothing is ever too distant during this city, and you’ll rent a motorcycle to induce around easily. meaning having the ability to grab a bite to eat at the night market, exploring the countryside – otherwise, you could simply walk and end up a neighborhood restaurant to eat at. Staying in Chiang Rai is simple too; from budget-friendly to mid-range, from cute and contemporary to luxe and traditional, there’s something for everybody.

where to stay in Koh Chang

where to stay in Koh Chang

Koh Chang (“Elephant Island” in Thai) has only recently popped onto the tourist radar. before the late 1990s, this beautiful island on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand was home to little over a couple of beachfront bungalows and little hotels.

Koh Chang has been transformed by tourism over the last decade, it’s still one among Thailand’s least developed large islands. If you’re looking for a less touristy experience and a good place to relax and unwind, you’ll likely find it here.

where to stay in Koh Phi Phi

where to stay in Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi Don is that the only island of the group that’s inhabited and features accommodation choices to an ever-growing number of tourists, year after year. The H-shaped island presents four main areas housing a good and eclectic range of hotels to all or any people who want to spend a vacation within the ultimate tropical beach destination in southern Thailand.

Tonsai Village is that the liveliest area in Phi Phi, you’ll find here a buzzy scene of restaurants, bars, and shops. Long Beach provides its guests with a tranquil seaside kind of vacation yet, its proximity with Tonsai Village permits to induce the most effective of both atmospheres. 

Phi Phi East Coast hosts a decent choice of small beaches offering a ‘get far from it all’ kind of holiday at fair rates, while Laem Thong – located toward the northern tip of the island – houses high-end resorts during a pristine environment.

where to stay in Koh Tao

where to stay in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is found within the Gulf of Thailand, and is one of the most effective places within the world to travel diving, experience exquisite wildlife, and luxuriate on endless white-sand beaches!

The natural great thing about Koh Tao is tough to overstate. This island could be the tiniest of the Gulf Islands, but it’s packed to the gills with astounding peaks, crystal-clear tropical waters, and lush jungle.

Koh Tao attracts divers from everywhere the globe because it boasts a number of the foremost spectacular diving in Thailand. Dive through colorful coral reefs, swim with friendly sharks, or maybe explore a wreck!

where to stay in Railay

where to stay in Railay

Railay is that the name of a mainland peninsula just south of Ao Nang, but, as three of its sides are surrounded by the ocean and it’s backed by a variety of spectacular limestone cliffs that cuts it far from all roads, it’s the texture of a true island. Almost every square meter of habitable land has been developed, though the buildings are all low-rise, rarity, and, for the most part, tastefully designed.

The main attraction of Railay is that the 2 principal beaches are, without a doubt, the most stunning strips of sand on the Krabi coastline – maybe even on the entire Thai mainland.

where to stay in Khao Sok national park

where to stay in Khao Sok national park

Khao Sok national park is found within the Phang-Nga province of southern Thailand that stretches across 739-square-kilometres, including the 165-square-kilometer Cheow Larn Lake, a man-made lake created by the development of the Rachaprapha Dam back in 1982. the area may be a forest sanctuary to many species of wildlife like Gibbons, Pangolins, and Asian Elephants, also as over 300 species of birdlife.

It is certainly an area to place on your Thailand itinerary if you’re keen on jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, or the concept of paying some peaceful days surrounded by nothing but nature.

where to stay in Pai

where to stay in Pai

Pai may be a small hippy town in Northern Thailand on-the-beaten path because the town keeps gaining popularity because the years pass. There’s nothing too exotic to check here but travelers make their thanks to this village for holistic therapies, to partake in outdoor activities, and to be in nature.

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