Sprayground Backpacks Review (Worth the money?)

For some people backpacks aren’t really a trendy item however once you have a company like Sprayground bringing unique, edition bags to the table, then there’s an argument to mention that Sprayground backpacks are fashionable.

Before I’m going into the review lets enter a touch context on who Sprayground is.

Who founded & owns Sprayground?

Sprayground’s owner and creator are David Ben David aka DVD, who hails from the Bronx area of the latest York, grew up in Miami before returning to NYC.

When was Sprayground founded?

The company itself was founded in 2010 after founder David Ben David saw a niche within the market to try to backpacks and bags during a more fashionable way. Everyone else was focused on clothing and he saw his opportunity.

The company isn’t as big because the likes of Northface, Jansport, and Herschel but is certainly up there a la mode and during a short space of your time has made tons of ‘noise’ within the industry with their designs.

Who have Sprayground collaborated with?

Sprayground have had huge success probably due to a number of the huge collabs that they need to be done and likewise this is often how I acknowledged the brand. 

They need done collaborations with:

Odell Beckham





Warner Brothers – Looney Tunes

Full review of Sprayground Backpacks

Sprayground Backpack Camo Side Shark Double Cargo

Sprayground Backpacks Camo Side Shark Double Cargo

Make a statement on campus with this Sprayground Camo Side Shark Double Cargo Backpack. Built from water-resistant polyester, its everyday silhouette features double front pockets, an inner 15” Velour laptop sleeve, and a supple shades pocket. Slip your water canteen into side water bottle pockets and pack headphones, cords, or chargers in an intermesh organizer compartment. Ergonomic straps and an add-a-bag help you navigate your moves.

Product Specifications

Dimensions:18″ x 11.5″ x 6.5″
Weight:12.6 ounces
Size volume in liters:25L
Laptop Storage: 15”
Materials:900D poly sublimation print
Warranty:90 Days


  • Separate Laptop and sunglass compartment
  • Slide through back sleeve connects to hold on luggage to free your hands
  • Adjustable Straps for custom sizing
  • Nylon Zippers with Metal Hardware


  • No Dedicated Tablet Pocket
  • No Hydration

Sprayground Backpack Camo Mesh Shark

Sprayground Backpacks Camo Mesh Shark

Get a backpack that contests your style- completely original- with the Shark Camo Mesh. The mesh construction comes during a black, brown, and military green camouflage pattern and features shark graphics on the front and sides. It offers a roomy main compartment with an internal laptop sleeve, two side zip pockets and a velour-lined sunglasses compartment at the top for convenient storage.

Shark Camo Mesh Backpack from Sprayground backpacks. Astronomical mesh construction with a camo pattern and shark graphics. Roomy main storage space with a padded laptop sleeve and internal organizer pocket.Two side zip pockets.Velour-lined sunglasses compartment at the top.Webbed haul handle.Padded, adjustable shoulder straps. Padded back panel with a hook and loop closure at the top and zip closure at the bottom making it easily attachable to roller bags.

Product Specifications

Dimensions:18″ x 6″ x 11.5″
Weight:2.09 pounds
Laptop Storage: 15”
Materials:900D poly sublimation print
Warranty:90 Days


  • brushed cloth sunglasses holder, and compressible area for your laptop
  • Well made mesh or clear backpack that youngsters actually want.
  • Durable 900D Poly water-resistant fabric


  • Needs more compartments in the bag

Sprayground Backpack Tie Dye Wings

Sprayground Backpacks Tie Dye Wings

Gain your wings and be fly with this eclectic Rainbow Tie Dye Wings Backpack from Sprayground. This limited-edition, water-resistant design unites imagination with practicality. Quickly reach for essentials buried in a front zip pocket and secure your 15” laptop inside an inner Velour laptop sleeve.

Stay organized wherever you are and store accessories inside a top shades pocket and an inner zip mesh compartment. Ergonomic sleeves and an add-a-bag sleeve alleviate a heavy haul.

Product Specifications

Dimensions:18″ x 6″ x 11.5″
Weight:1.65 pounds
Laptop Storage: 15”
Materials:900D poly sublimation print
Warranty:90 Days


  • Design is unique and the colors are vibrant.
  • A part Laptop storage space and a part Velour sunglass storage space
  • Mesh organizer pocket
  • Durable 900D water-resistant fabric


  • Needs more compartments in the bag
  • The naked handle of top – Would have preferred a cushioned handle

Sprayground Backback Black 3M Reflective Nomad




Dimensions: 11.3 ” x 7 ” x 18 ” ∙ Front zippered pockets ∙ Mesh Side pockets ∙ Zippered Stash pocket ∙ Ergonomic mesh back padding ∙ Adjustable Straps for custom sizing ∙ Elastic side straps buckle ∙ Nylon Zippers with Metal Hardware ∙ Elastic chest Buckle strap ∙ Slide through back sleeve connects to Carry on luggage to free your hands


Separate Laptop compartment ∙ Separate Velour sunglass compartment ∙ Mesh organizer pocket


Durable ReflectivePoly water-resistant fabric


  • Velour lined laptop pouch and sunglasses pouch
  • Detail of the Shark patchwork is great
  • Rubber 3D Logo stamp
  • Logo zips
  • A good number of pockets including the Sprayground secret pocket


  • No negative comments found in this item.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Sprayground backpacks come with a warranty?

Yes they do but it is recommended that you keep you receipt with you from where ever you bought it from if you need to return it.

Can you wash Sprayground Backpacks?

The backpack can be washed but by hand. Do not put the bag in the washing machine as it could ruin the fabric and shape of the bag. To clean, use a damp cloth/sponge and detergent on the area concerned.

Do Sprayground backpacks come with a smell proof compartment?

Not all backpacks but some do.

Are Sprayground backpacks worth the Money?

So is it worth the money? I guess there are two sides of the coin here. Yes and No. Yes, you are getting a limited-edition bag and the design will never be brought out again. They are super dope looking too and you do get those Bape and Supreme vibes. No, because in my own personal opinion there are some areas of improvement but your opinion may differ. However, the brand sees itself as a premium streetwear brand so that is their price point.

Final Words

Let me know if you’ve got a backpack or duffle bag? In the meantime, enjoy the video below of the Sprayground Backpacks Review.

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